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The next Private Ground Class
begins on September 20, 2016
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Canada Flight Supplement & Canada Air Pilot


CFS et CAP - All the data for terminal et enroute phases VFR et IFR - New Edition

VTA et VNC Charts

Cartes VTA et VNC

Don't take off without making sure your charts are up-to-date!!

Cessna travel bag

sac cessna

trusted gear for the bush pilot... and others too

ASA AS-H1 headset

sac cessna

the best value for the price in the industry

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4850, Route de l’aéroport
Québec, Canada
J3Y 8Y9
Tél : (450) 656-0678
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9am to 6pm every day

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Our former instructors and pilots

Raphaël Langumier
Chief-Pilot - Nolinor

Manuel Chabot
Pilot - Air Transat

Stéphane St-Pierre
Pilot - Sky Regional

Louis Rousseau
Pilot - Voltige

Ahmed Ibn-Lahoucine
Pilot - Nolinor

Guillaume Gravel
Pilot - Air Canada

Francis Carrière
Pilot - Air Medic

Vincent Tabanaud
Pilot - Sky Regional

Mathieu Crye
Instructeur classe III
Pilot - Air Creebec

Jean-Philippe Simard
Technic control - Air Canada

Bernard Lebrun
Pilot - Nolinor

Alain Philippe
Pilot Medevac - Passionair

Hans-Eric Baron
Co-pilot Air Georgian
(Air Canada)

Fatah Allouache
Pilot - Starlink Aviation

Mathieu Lafortune
Pilot - Air Transat

Hicham Hobeika
Pilote - Sky Regional

Roger Mattaliano
King Air Co-Pilot - MAX Aviation

Kevin Oliveira
Multi/IFR Insctructor & Co-pilot Max Aviation

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