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4850, Route de l’aéroport
Québec, Canada
J3Y 8Y9
Tél : (450) 656-0678
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CPAQ.AERO, french acronym for "Multidisciplinary Aviation Center of Quebec" is primarily an " airplane flight school " established in 2002,and providing with the whole training range, from recreational flying up to a commercial pilot license, through the night flight rating, multi-engine rating and instruments flight rating.

Recently, we have developed a partnership with a European Company in order to offer to the pilot who'd like it, the opportunity to convert their Canadian Licences into European ones, conveniently, quickly at a bargain price.
For more information, consult the page: "Licence conversion: Canadian to European"

We could also assist you in your transport needs by flying you to the destination of your choice, we have also developed the aerial work department, such as aerial photography or aerial surveillance or wildlife watching and numbering. We may more simply accomodate you for simple pleasure of sightseeing, also called "airplane ride or familiarization flight" whatever your need,let us know, we'll find a way to fulfill your request.

"Canada is the best place for flight training of its superior training and safety standards, the relatively low cost and its seasonal temperatures offering a variety of training conditions and environments

source: ATAC (Air Transport Association of Canada)

The downloadable document displayed beside this section presents the professional facts from the indusry for a pilot wishing to work in Canada. The CAMAQ (Comité Sectoriel de Main d'oeuvre en Aérospatiale) has published this document in order to assist you in taking sound decisions for those among you who envision a career as professional pilot.
[note of the editor:]our apologies, an english version of the document was not available at the time of putting it online, we'll update it as soon as available

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"There's no doubt, an airplane is a machine, but what a wonderful analysis instrument ! This instrument made us discover the true face of the earth"

- Antoine de St Exupery - Terre des hommes (1939) -

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