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Student Pilot

You may begin your training before having completed the ground course, but it will be mandatory for obtaining the Student Plot Permit necessary to be allowed to fly solo ('as the Pilot in Command' as mentionned in the air regulation). The Radiotelephone Operator's Restricted Certificate is also mandatory to fly in the controlled airspace.

Here are the steps to follow :

  • Undergo a medical exam with a Designated Medical Examiner approved by Transport Canada (list of Medical Examiners)
  • Study Guide for the Radiotelephone Operator's Restricted Certificate RIC-21
  • Write the Radiotelephone Operator's exam (you'll be able to pass it at our premises)
  • The pre-solo written examination (PSTAR) must be succesfully completed (you'll be able to pass it at our premises). You might want to consult the following documents : AIM and CARs to find the answers to the questions.

After having succesfully completed these two exams and received your Medical Certificate from Transport Canada, we will deliver your Radiotelephone Operator's Certificate and your Student Pilot Permit. These documents will have to with you for each flight during all your training.

Since 2008 a ICAO regulation has been adopted by all the member states which impose to pass a linguistic proficiency test, consisting of a 30-minutes oral exam;

The exchanges with the examiner can be achieved through a phone or even in the same room, as long as the candidates keeps his back turned to the examiner to simulate the conditions of a real radio communication. In Canada, and more precisely in Quebec, candidates may choose to pass the exam in the official language of their choice, being obviously granted that the english version of the exam allows you to travel to foreign countries including the USA. This disposition is now mandatory to travel abroad.

The final rating will result from one of three possible levels:

  • Expert (Language is fluent, perfectly mastered)
  • Operational (Somme hesitations, minor errors of understanding or expression)
  • Less than Operational(language is inaccurate, misunderstandings are frequent, difficulties to communicate)

If you're rated as Expert, the test is valid for your lifetime.
If you're rated as Operational, you'll have to re-take the exam every 5 years.

It is not necessary to wait for the end of your licence to take this exam, you're even encouraged in passing it as soon as possible.

The links here above,will give you access to the reference documents and you'll be able to prepare for your Student Pilot Permit. Would you have any any question, feel free to contact one of our instructors

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